cleanest water I will ever live around, even compared to the ocean. I’ve never crossed over the ocean, or been very far out. I did see the Gulf Stream, you can actually see it, the huge global current is a different color.Deep Indigo in a sea of green. It meant a lot to me to see that, obviously because I was 15 when I did and I brighten at the memory every time. I was thrown into witnessing the very most wonderful thing about being alive, to see such a thing, and a month before, just barely, I came home to find that my mother did not think living was all that. She chose death. I would still love to be able to ask her why and get a chance to speak with her about it. But of course the answer is still that she was “out of her mind”.

I just dont get it though. Even the most basic things about life, if you have the basics, water, air, earth, sun, (fire), that is more than enough to keep a person in awe for as long as they could be.

Right now its January 23 2018, and it is raining and above freezing.There is not much snow cover because it rained last week too. And the water rushing over the ice in the road and the ditch and the side of the road, is the cleanest water.Of course it has sand and dirt and bits in it, but you know what I mean.It’s coming from the sky and it’s coming from the melt off the top of the mountain just up the road and left of my house. I would watch it melt off and stream away down towards the river at the bottom of the hill.I would watch it for hours, as all the twigs and pine needles and pebbles of delightful patterns and white quartz become free of the ice and snow .


Water is one good god damn reason to stay alive.Maybe that’s why they baptize with it. The element itself, eventually does surrender, but it’s sustainability and longevity and tenure is eternal enough for my lifetime. But it is not infinite, non of the elements are. It seems the natural state of the Universe in comparison, or at least the other spheres of mass and carbon and rock, are dead. Dead as the surface of Mars, which I’ve seen red colored pictures of, and Dead as the Moon, all chalky and dusty and boring af.

There are beliefs that the Arabian Desert covers earth that was rich with growth and soil, that it was green and fertile. Eden? Someone had a collective memory spun into myth about that Garden. Guarded by an arch Angel, Michael, with a flaming sword. No one gets in.

Is that Paradise? It is referred to  as such. Eden, a place that was, or a place that is, IF you are dimensionally prepared for it. Your final destination, pre sand Egypt, a parallel “place” that your conscious soul goes to. “I will be in Paradise with you later today, bro”.

Right now, it’s raining on snow and ice and it is foggy and cold. Too cold to go out and listen to the water moving down down down to the River. There’s no desert here. No need to go seeking gardens under centuries of sand and wind.

Ocean of Joy or Jejune Moon bright on a dark night? I like to think that Karma is dimensional, and in many of those dimensions, there are the familiar elements, enough to go around, for everyone.

What would be the karma of the men who kicked the barrels and bottles of Aqua over, in the desert. What would be the karma of the people who bring the water and put it there, for people willing to escape whatever it is they are escaping, to come to a place where they are at the same time, welcome, and demonized. Who gets to live in the desert next go around? Who gets to sit on the moon and look at us, acting like life isn’t worth having an easy passion for?



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