As the mother of a young man, I do not know much of men on an intimate level, not in the consenting adult sort of relationship that women have with men. Not in the romantic context,  hardly at all in the professional context,  and not in context of friends, although facebook friends seems to be a thing well established, not there either. I have 3 nephews, a son, I had a father, and my sister was married to two of them.   I had  the beginning of friendships over my life,  but there was always a need for me to remain guarded, due to the sexual energy of men, and their need to remind me of that.  So my closeness to men is not really mainstream social. It arises from my role as mother, care giver,  comrade,  and observer.  Audience, I give some men audience, certain writers, philosophers, actors, musicians, etc.

Men measure, they are very good at it. Impeccable, if you read history of cartographers, engineers, physicists. It seems to be a natural gift, to minimize and lay bare a thing to its numbers. But going back to the men that I know of personally. Every one of them dislikes strongly what they dub as psuedo science.

Listening this morning as I swept and wiped and washed dishes, I went to my PC on the desk to get some music to listen to.Martn had been listening to some Brian Eno ambient  ‘Music for Airports’. That had finished and he was in a receptive mood, so I chose another ambient type recording  from an outfit called AudioMachine. As I felt myself respond to this technologically manipulated music, I listened deeper for what was lacking, ie: instruments, a player of an instrument. And what came to me was that this sort of recorded music is something men are very good at producing, and boy does the audience get held, for a moment