Indifference is God’s way

A birthright was given away for a tasty tender chop. Since a child, ,that always bothered me, that God did not care that  Jacob, the unchosen, the shepherd, the chef, the smoother and younger, Jacob the Trickster, the coyote,  bought a birthright for a bowl of stew, and then cos played his brother to fool his own father.  So well, in fact that some say that the descendants of Esau are actually  Big Foot

The first big deception following the murder of Abel, yet it was rewarded for eternity. God is indifferent if you serve him up a nice prime rib.
 Perhaps the source of that first glimmer of adolescent anger is the first awareness of the “father’s” indifference.
Being indifferent to Esau’s hunger, indifferent to how one gets what they want, just sitting by and letting the whole thing play out.
If I am to believe that there is this all knowing supreme being, I must also believe that the morals and ethics and codes of a “blessed, chosen”, people somehow come from that supreme essence. Emanating as it were, pulsing with light.Goodness existed before I did, and it brought me into existence. Indifferently, with all the love of a disco ball.
It’s just this code, and yet, it can be stretched and bent, and none of that matters.
Now, you could argue that it was Esau’s fault , that he did not care enough for what was his by law, and sold it because he was hungry. Was he hungry? Or was his appetite whetted?
Big difference there. In the childrens illustrated bible I had as a child,  it always looked like Jacob tempted him, and prepared the food with intent. He did not bring the platter of goodies out of the kindness of his heart for his brother.
Or was it a “Higher” good, (good for the chosen people, to have a leader such as Jacob, not some sweaty hairy farmer who just worries about his crops and his belly).
There are many  entertaining possibilities for old timey grade b movies, sunday school projects, etc, here is one of them-’.
A people, People of the Book, the people who follow the Abrahamic faiths, which were all spawned in the Mideast, from Egypt,Persia, Arabia, Syria, to the shores of the Mediterranean, decided that they were chosen because of the birthright of Jacob.
And for all the morality that these 3 Faiths decree, their entire existence , according to the stories, was won because of hunger, and then outright deception.
God is indifferent , but people are not. Nature is not.
More on that later.

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