Seasonal Kinesis and Pandemic

Where I live, in Stannard Vermont, it is still winter and snow covered, and the mud is still stiff with ice inside it. The road is not all rutted and squishy soft, and there are flakes in the air. When I moved here I learned to call it “sugar snow”, and that sounds so nice, but it’s hard to find sweetness in the return of below zero nights, and thick ice on the walk way to the road. In the middle or beginning of a pandemic. I am pretty isolated, compared to a lot of people I know, so exposure to someone possibly carrying the virus is almost impossible. The weather has been trying to warm, so there is lots of fresh air and trees trying to wake up, but no breathing people . The other night I took the dog out for her last little outing, the wind was doing it’s thing, and I did have a flashlight, but all was too dark to see outside of the beam. As I walked, with the hood of my jacket pulled up, and the wind knocking things around in the wreck of an empty house that is across the road, and the empty trees blowing back and forth, were clicking making a sound between wush and wish. It is so empty on this road at 11 at night, no moon, my peripheral sight was blocked by the hood on the jacket, and the cadence of mine and the dogs feet on the snow sort of echoed inside the hood, which caused an aberration of sound . After finding a safe pace , it sounded like someone trying to silently rush up behind me, I knew that it was the combination of wind inside the hood, and that the string of the hood was probably moving against the canvas of the jacket, in a rhythm. That did not stop my heart from becoming scared, or from turning around quickly with flashlight, trying to see/stop someone that was not there. It was a Blair Witch moment, with my physical body sensing something that my mind knew just could not be. Or could it?

There could be ghosts in that half burned building across the way, the gutted and open house with 3 walls standing, old insulation and lumber and tarps covering a burn hole in the roof, windows set in rotten walls, just a hovel since the man died there. The man was named Ernest, but he was known as Dusty. He and his wife built that house, and there were about 15 acres, right across the road from me. The first thing I see every morning, out my window, are his woods. Ernest and Blanche were starting a Nursery Business when I first moved here. They also had 2 foster kids, boys, who would ride around on their bikes. They were civil enough, they had known the man who built my little house, were friendly with him. He had dropped dead, and his niece sold the roughly finished house, to me. They were civil , but I don’t think they liked the fact that they suddenly had a lesbian neighbor who had all these ideas about deep bed organic gardening, but over the years we remained neighbors enough. Dusty would have a chance to express his societal beliefs. He hated government and regulations and everyone who liked social programs were probably communist. Except that he received a check every month because of social services paying him to house foster, at risk children. Anyway, he got terribly old and Blanche got terribly old, disease ridden with diabetes and arthritis and heart trouble. There was a really bad house fire up there over 10 years ago. They made Blanche move into a nursing home after that, but Dusty stayed on in that mostly burnt house, I guess he had a couple of rooms that could be heated and kept from the elements. He took ill with a bad heart and someone convinced him to have surgery, after the surgery he somehow convinced them to let him go home alone afterwards, and I guess someone said they would look in on him. He had a dressing on his chest, from open heart surgery. The someone who was supposed to look in on him found him dead on a mattress, bandage off, and apparently he bled out. Dusty had been told to the leave the bandage as is, and he probably did not. He probably did exactly what he wanted to do, as he had all his life, because “people think they are experts and dont know nothin”.

This is a long story about a possibly haunted road, that I took my dog out on the other night, and then got chased back in my house by the ghosts that walk around out there at night when it’s windy in the trees. My house with all four walls warm and lamps on, with living people and tropical plants in the bathroom.

Its a pandemic, and if Dusty was alive he would never follow one guideline because it is all made up stuff by the government, to control us. He knew that because if it was really a natural virus, it would only make Chinese people sick, it wouldn’t affect white people, or, in his case, French Canadian americans. I don’t think it will affect too much of this French Canadian wood lot I live on. This windy western ridge at the bottom of Stannard mountain is geologically ancient. The woods have come and gone, logged over a couple of centuries by some of the families here, the old French Canadian logging families. Soft wood and hardwood growing in cycles, some old maples, still sugared. On my little spit of 5 acres, there are a few massive white pines, I have had about 15 of them logged over the years, as they were ready to die, but still good enough to barter for 4 years worth of winter heating.

This winter will probably hold on , using up all the firewood straight through April. The Pandemic is being monitored by everybody, because its 2020 and as isolated as I am, there is access to 24/7 information. Amazing, isn’t it? Amazing that this ridge on the slope of a mountain, with soil that is mostly sand and gritty mountain wash and beds of clay, have sustained these trees for centuries, Pines and balsams and spruce, logged, then birch and maple and ash and poplar and beech and tamarack, farmed, then soft woods again. I swear if you put your shovel in the land here, you will find no quarter, the rocks will stop you, if not the internet of roots, from brushes to grasses to trees to saplings and back again. That’s the information I want, whatever the earth knows in this place, right here and now, is essential to longevity. Not Dusty’s , maybe not mine, but these rocks can tell you anything you want to know about anything.

Isolation and ghosts and a pulsing road that can make your own footfalls feel like a predator is right there, behind you. Gone when you turn around.

little green

Sometimes, a witch just doesn’t want to brew,although perfectly at home over an iron pot . The wooden spoon stained with all the soups and potions, the stirring to the cycle, or to widdershins, to heat or to cool Sometimes she knows what to do, but would rather watch out into the woods, the still very cold woods, though June is close. The trees are afraid, she knows that, she could tell you that much, anyway, but don’t expect a cup of tea with that particular information. She’s getting a little afraid herself, so there is no time to brew and steep, she is watching. The Beth Root was up on time, that was a good sign, deep maroon and beautiful.

the good north

It’s the last Saturday in March, and it’s late enough that it will be Sunday in 3 minutes. The bedroom’s window is open for fresh air, it’s above freezing and everything outdoors is dripping. The 2-3 ft of snow that was on top of the house has run off the eaves and continues, even without the sun, my whole environment is thawing. The window is open and this box I live in finally gets some fresh ventilation, ahhhh, it’s sweet to breathe in. Lots of air moving outside too, fast enough to make noise in the bare trees. Woodwinds? And the snow, it is still everywhere, still over a foot or two, but its condensing back to it’s liquid state, the crystals falling in on themselves, collapsing into water, water that runs off the roof, down the road and through wrinkles of mud, along the banked snow and the edge of the road running faster, taking over, as water is wont to do. The storm from last week that dumped 18 inches, (and over, up here), with drifts over 4ft around the back of this house, seems long gone, Spring is coming and will push it further back, for awhile.

I can understand why poor people would move to the South. the cost of heating and the toll of winter would be unaffordable if I made 20k less than I do now. Bought a good stove and stopped using gas for furnace and hot water floorboard radiators. Just the wood, and the time and work it takes to stack it and we stayed warm all winter, even through 30 below nights, long times below zero and windy, fucking windy and below zero, but we all stayed warm. Amazing. Put a wooden framed box on top of a basement, put a stove in the basement and put a chimney through the boxes roof, and you can dwell warmly and safely with 3 something feet of snow and 30 below zero night times. Amazing.

The Ice Queen, the North, she is good, she is good. She is sleep and she is beautiful, and nothing else makes you love the warmth of a yellow sun and the orange flames burning up your rock maple and yellow birch. There is seduction there in those cold and deeply snowed woods, in the biting whip of her skirts, in her coy retreats that return with all the passion of an avalanche. That dance, you and her, is coming to an end, she leaves with the diamonds you gave to her, of your energy, of your time and preparation, of the lost hens and the triple A calls, she is laden with those jewels you bought for her. She will go, and you will stay. And when she returns, she will take your breath away, again.

the cana wedding day

If you heard any bible stories, you probably heard this one.It’s located in the Gospel of John. Jesus is with his Mother and other disciples, traveling in a group, as most people did, were attending a wedding. Mother must have heard something and said to her famous son, “They have no wine”. He balked a bit “what is this to me? My time has not come yet”. Now I wonder, what time is that? Time being a construct that supernatural beings know how to bend and manipulate. Or was it simply that it was not his time to reveal himself as a miracle worker. Never the less, he asks the servants to fill up the large water jars which were used in purification, and to bring a jar of it to the chief steward, who, when tasting, proclaims that the Father of the bride saved the best from the last. No one knew but the servants. There are many references in Christs teachings about the first and last, this seems to be one of them. What rang in my mind for the two days after doing that reading for the day, was “nobody knew the truth except the servants” Again referring that the last should be first. I will ponder and research this story of a miracle occuring at a Hebrew wedding way over 2 years ago. Because of the servants, and farther into the entire metaphor of bridegrooms and brides. In the high church, Christ is the bride, the groom, saacrificial lamb. More to come.


Taking an inventory of the year as it comes to an end, is an exercise that assures me I have come to  adulthood. So, let’s say when I hit 40 it became a practice. I had the time, I had the sobriety (2 years old at that point.) , and I was, as now, always in my head. For me, it is 80 percent of the time a good place. The other 20 %, it’s hell.

Without further introduction, I want to chronicle 2018 in the most mediocre fashion I can. I find this amusing, as amusing as I find mediocrity.  Except for one rather dramatic episode, my hip replacement, my days were filled with dirt. At least until a very early snow in the beginning of November, that stayed as cover, the dirt is covered. I have 10 gallon containers of it though, in the basement,  growing some marijuana for myself. The other dirt is from animals, soot from the woodstove, dust, used dishes, pots and pans and knives and forks and spoons. The dirt is there and I wash it away, or grow and dig and replenish it. The wood ash is useful in winter on ice, it melts it straight away until 15 degrees Fahrenheit, and will stop a tire from spinning on the ice when you try to move the car, the car that sits in the parking space which may be scooped out, or just barely dug out, in a poorly defined rectangle open to the road.  When all the snow is melted, a layer of wet ash covers the ramped entrance to the house, and it is tracked in onto old and worn vinyl flooring. Which is white. Well, white with a simple pattern that is reminiscent of  those wonderful tiles that used to be on bathroom floors. There was a time before gentrification that for an affordable rent, you could get an apartment that was built in the pre ww2, with the original types of tile, and maybe some stained glass, and maybe a transom paned in brass with a pull string, and it still worked. That is why I picked that vinyl flooring, the pattern reminded me of a time when low rent did not mean something terrible. That was almost 20 years ago, when the house had been delivered and set on the foundation. Lo rent now means double wide, with land to boot. In the country, where there is dirt, and we use as much of it as we can, removing it from personal spaces, kitchens and bathrooms.

Dirt is my department. The dirt outdoors is soil, gravelly sand from the road, grass, covered with leaves under the trees, and these gardens that I play in, and make more dirt. All the dirt from the barn goes in, I mix it with the clay and sandy fill, I buy it by the yard and it comes in trucks, I buy it by the bag mixed with peat moss and perlite and mycorrizae. And manure, always manure, over the years it has been chicken, duck, goat, sheep, rabbit, guinea pig.

I was on my knees most of the summer, with a small hand spade and trowel , a fork, and my hands. Sometimes I take to wearing latex exam gloves to save my skin, it has been worn paper thin in places from years of dealing with dirt. I have been paid for cleaning other peoples, strangers, customers, relatives. That sort of dirt is useless dirt, and people should clean their own, but since they do not, I have always had work. I am retired now and just do that for us, the family that lives in the double wide on Tousant Hill Road. The family that is strong together, yet shares no blood. Most of the time we share a purpose, realizing that what seems like lo rent, with the land, would be worth almost a million dollars or more if it were near a dirty city.

What is wonderful about soil, it is as different from dirt as snot is from the mother growing in your kombucha. It is alive, and everytime I hold a handful, there is a galaxy in there. A galaxy that balances the organic elements withing the humus and leaf mold and sand and clay, balances it and makes oxygen for it, in turn digesting and excreting, alive alive oh!

In 20218, through the fall , late fall, and winter months, I have a set up with lights and bags of soil organic sea weed and fish fertilizers, cal/mag supplements, and trays and small pots, and I began growing the onions in February in trays. We still have about 10 lbs in paper bags in the entryway. From late summer on I sprouted Seeds  of marijuana, they take a ridiculous long time to grow if you do it naturally and dont clone and such, so, this plant in my grow tent now will be harvested before the year is out.

My old wethered ram passed this year. Many famous people did, but I did not know them. An old friend of Bill, named Bill, also passed. He is missed, and another, Allen, not a friend, but a friendly acquaintance, one that you meet in the rooms of recovery, was buried this fall. Bill passed in Spring. No next year for them on this particular ride, but I am sure they are already transformed and somewhere not too far off.  Myself and two other women around my age have had parts taken out, removed, scraped, reattached. I think I win for the biggest joint though. In more ways than one. I am no stranger to pain, but I am definitely a coward about it. The big joints help the pain in the big joints. And I enjoy the effects on my mind, very much. Especially in my profession, there is a lot of time to spend in my head. I know of every single spider on the main floor, and I vacuum  around them when I can.They dont mind, they appreciate me removing dusty webs. Spiders do not house keep very well either, so I am needed there.

My conversations with God do not go unanswered, but then, they are simple and awesome at the same time, as only a housekeepers could be. Giving thanks for the work, praising the miracle of the food that comes from the dirt, and from my creator who moves and breathes with me when I do good work. Perhaps they are to do with my age, also. As I cannot lift and carry and scrub and move furniture anymore, nor have a person lean on me as they try to walk and go from here to there, I do not have the capacity to earn my way in the world. For that help, my conversations are wrought with anxiety at times, so I figure out bargains, deals, contracts, to do as much as I can with the dirt and removal of it, in my own home, and to plan and create the meals, when I can, as a trade .  My conversations are often about the value of things and the worth of things, and often I seek what value I am , in all of this, the big picture, the “all of this”. If I am passive, and not so active, I am shown wonderful things about how it all works and fits together, from the teaspoon of dirt in my front yard, to the volcanoes on Saturns moons. Of course I am not seeing this, my weed is good, but not that good. But, I am knowing this. There is a sentiment, “Be still, and know that I am God.” That is how the conversation goes. And it can happen when I am on my knees scraping the corners on that bad , poor, impoverished flooring.

In 2018, I received a new hip. I am ready for the dirt that comes with 2019, God willing.




too early

This winter came too early. Almost by a month, it came with snow and a few degrees colder, 2 nights below zero. It came before the last two weeks of November, and today, another foot of snow is added to the land, that already had a foot and a half of it. It is warm enough to ignore the woodstove  at mid day. It will eventually have to be kindled and re lit, it is that sort of temperature, not too cold outdoors, but heavy snow falling, about 2 inches on every branch and wire . The overcast November is brightened considerably, amazingly. It came early but this snow is impressive in it’s covering. So much so that I am arguing with my body, my body that prefers rest, whether to get up and get the camera or not.  I think not. The commander, the executive function, was with pain for so long, now that the bad joint was cut away and replaced,  I just want the absence of pain to be my pleasure, I never ask for much, it is known.  So I will lay here and use words instead of pictures to remember the snow. Because in the end it is not the image that is unique, but it is the seconds that have already passed, and my being in it, that is unique to the present. See, it’s gone already. So fickle, such a history we have together, this mind and this body.  If I throw in the heart and the spirit, the constant arguing of each other and vying for position of priorities, it is enough to warrant a respite , to dig a den under a laden shrub, to bury my nose from the cold air, like a fox. I learned a theory about  centers a sentient being has, and depending on the creature,  what center dictates behavior and survival. In woman, and in male, there are more advanced centers, than, say, a fox.  Intellectual, Emotional, Moving, Instinctual, Higher Emotional (Holy). Our lifetime struggle is balancing these, using them appropriately, finding harmony within this solar system of atomic formation that can end in consciousness. Instinctual center call on me to be a fox, getting up to feed and excrete, drink and sleep. Emotional and Intellectual center create an image and feeling of safety and repose and beauty, as a fox nestled under a snowy forsythia shrub, lower emotional center sees an image of a fox with a warm fire instead of its deep fur, and may throw in a blanket , and then add colors of warmth with the light ultra violet of snow under a gray falling sky. Moving center is on a sabbatical, and Higher  Emotional center is at once humbled and praising , with reverence and respect and compassion for the creatures who are not waxing poetic, but surviving out in these elements. Too soon for them also, I think.